“Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing.  We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

All of ASPIRE TLC’s services are intended to give you the tools to tap into your innate, divine ability to heal and grow – emotionally and spiritually – and to make sure that you are nurtured and supported in that difficult but rewarding endeavor.


Individual Counseling

Learn to do the real inner-work, and: replace negative beliefs with genuine self-esteem, reprogram conditioned patterns of behavior and thought; and experience life – even with all of its imperfections – with grace, joy, and peace.

pictureRelationship Counseling

Learn how to honor each other and yourselves as you build and/or heal a relationship on a strong foundation of support, nurturance, and unconditional love.

pictureFamily Counseling

Work together to create a sense of harmony in your home, and learn to overcome life’s inevitable challenges together.  Discover how to honor each other and foster communication and caring.


Addiction Recovery Support

In addition to medical/psychological treatments and A.A. or N.A., you must ultimately take responsibility for correcting the underlying patterns that have been in charge of your behaviors.  TLC can support you in that effort.

pictureTeen Intervention & Counseling

During these tumultuous and formative years in a teenager’s life, there are a multitude of issues that can affect his or her emotional and spiritual well-being.  TLC can help teens maintain a positive attitude and healthy boundaries.


Common LGBT Issues

Everyone deserves to be respected and accepted for who they ARE. LGBT individuals and couples often struggle with issues related to the way society - and sometimes family - have treated them. TLC can show you how to replace stigma and shame with confidence and self-esteem.

Resources for:

Crisis Intervention

When life’s challenges become overwhelming, it is essential to maintain a balanced spiritual and philosophic perspective.  TLC can provide you with objective, caring support and advice as you work through whatever challenge you face, and can provide assistance finding the right resources (i.e. licensed mental health care, social services, etc…) to help you get back on your feet.

Fear, Anger, & Sorrow

TLC believes that there are common roots to most emotional problems, and helps people uncover those underlying causes.  With ongoing counseling, it is possible to take control of the emotions that have taken control of you, and to replace the false, negative beliefs you may have about yourself and your world with healthy, practical ideals that can change the way you experience life.  TLC cannot assess, diagnose, or treat specific mental illness, and will refer clients in need of such services to qualified licensed providers.

Christian Counseling

Greg is an ordained Minister of the Wisdom of the Heart Church, a non-denominational Christian assembly based in California.  His training has included the study Biblical hermeneutics, apologetics, epistemology, and Christian counseling at Liberty University and at UMS.  Local pastors may refer parishioners for Christian counseling rooted firmly in Biblical principles.

Multi-denominational Spiritual Counseling

Greg is a Universalist, which means that he values and respects a variety of spiritual beliefs and traditions.  He firmly believes that the same underlying spiritual principles exist in most of the world’s religions, and his philosophy is that humankind should focus on what we agree upon rather than what divides us.  Greg has received extensive education and is exceedingly well-read in world religions, and is qualified to provide spiritual guidance and direction to people of almost all faiths.

Struggling Couples & Families

Maintaining harmony in our homes and relationships isn’t always easy. Over time, issues of blame, shame, guilt, and resentment can tear even the most loving connections apart. TLC works with everyone in the family or relationship – individually and together – to reestablish the proper spiritual perspective on the nature of love, and to put in place tools and techniques to restore peace and lasting, unconditional love.

At-risk Teens

When the challenges of teenage life become overwhelming, teens are in danger of falling into habitual, negative emotional states, which in turn makes them infinitely more likely to engage in high-risk or self-destructive behaviors. Greg is experienced with teaching teens - including his own - how to use cognitive and emotional tools to combat negativity. He works with teens and their families on fostering genuine self-esteem and optimism.

LGBT Individuals, Couples, & Families

Greg has worked closely with members of the LGBT community – including in his own family – for many years, and has a unique understanding of the mental and emotional issues faced by those whose sexual identity has been stigmatized.  Greg believes in the beauty and sanctity of love in all of its forms, and works hard to help people be who they are without shame.  TLC provides the support and tools to help LGBT individuals, couples, and families break free of the hurts of the past, establish healthy self-esteem and relationships, and even help others to heal their own prejudices.

Addiction Recovery

Greg has worked as a mentor, sponsor, and coach to people who struggle with the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction.  TLC offers a spiritual and philosophic perspective on addiction that can increase your likelihood of recovery and continued sobriety.  TLC’s addiction services are intended to be used in conjunction with a 12-step program and/or licensed medical or psychological treatment.




“Greg’s patient work and firm but gentle guidance has given me all of the tools I have needed to face new challenges and get rid of old ideas about my worth.  He has helped me in so many ways.”