Our Philosophy

ASPIRE Total Life Counseling (TLC) is committed to helping members of our community to free themselves from the suffering that results from poor self-esteem and a negative perspective on life’s inherent challenges. The biggest reason that so many people find themselves so dissatisfied with the emotional state of their lives is because of the natural human tendency to give powerful meaning to life’s imperfections. Mistakes are judged as personal worth indicators, conditioned habits and behaviors are perceived as horrible character flaws, and life’s ups-and-downs are seen as rewards and punishments as if they are somehow “deserved.”

These self-given meanings and value judgments eventually become our automatic assumptions, and build up into powerful, underlying beliefs about ourselves and our world. Beliefs about who we are and what we’re worth that run in an endless loop in the subconscious mind. These underlying beliefs then begin to govern our behaviors, and to generate the emotional states that keep many of us from experiencing a life filled with Joy, Unconditional Love, and Peace (JULP!).

But there is hope! ASPIRE Total Life Counseling teaches people how to identify and recognize these patterns of negative self-belief, and how to gradually replace them with healthy self-esteem and a positive philosophic outlook on life – regardless of its challenges!

Transpersonal Counseling

“Anxiety in the heart of a man weighs it down, but a good word makes it glad.” Proverbs 12:25 (NAS)

Transpersonal Counseling is a holistic approach to emotional wellness that values the entire being of a person – physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. While the modern mental health profession focuses largely on “normal” versus “abnormal” functions of the human psyche, transpersonal counseling deals with the transcendent qualities of being.

The primary distinction between traditional, licensed mental health therapy and transpersonal counseling is that, in the latter, the client takes responsibility for their own emotional and spiritual wellness. The transpersonal counselor acts as a peer coach and advisor, giving the client the tools and support they need to gradually adjust their outlook, attitude, and self-image in order to experience more joy, love, and peace in his or her life.

Transpersonal counseling does not focus on diagnosis or treatment of psychological conditions, but rather on positive perspective, spiritual understanding of life’s challenges, and philosophic enlightenment. It is ideal for anyone seeking: peace in the face of life’s struggles; more meaningful relationships; greater meaning and purpose in life; and the spiritual strength to transcend that which does not contribute to overall well-being.

Gregory Fodrea, M.Div., Ph.D. Transpersonal Counselor

Greg specializes in helping people recognize the ways in which their underlying beliefs and attitudes may be holding them back from experiencing the joys of life. His style is comfortable and casual, and he is able to meet people where they are in their walk without judgment or pressure. He also excels at cutting to the heart of the matter, helping his clients become aware of and accountable for their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Most importantly, Greg helps people develop a deeper, more impactful relationship with their spirituality, whatever that may mean to them. Greg honors and respects how difficult it can be for his clients to face their challenges and do this important inner-work, and he is deeply committed to nurturing, supporting, and blessing those who desire more Joy, Unconditional Love, and Peace (JULP!) in their lives. Greg’s background and qualifications include:

Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counseling
• Master’s degree in Divinity with emphasis on multi-disciplinary spiritual counseling
• Ordained Minister specializing in transpersonal counseling
• Member AAMA & AADP
• Certified in NLP and CMT™
• Certified Training Specialist with a 12-year career as an adult educator
• Amazon.com “Top 20” author in the Self-help category
• Author of “Perfectly Flawed – How to Stop Suffering & Start Living”
• Contributing author to “Tenacious Living – Choose your Adventure”
• B.S. in Health, B.Msc. in Metaphysical Studies